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Monday, July 28th, 2008

I Googled ‘Palestine’

and came up with  a short history for the area called Palestine over the
last 3000 years or so, along with the following comment:

“Though the Biblical tradition holds that the Israelites
arrived in Canaan from Egypt,
archaeology provides strong evidence that they emerged from among the
local population existent there at the time; these events are generally
dated to between the 13th and 12th centuries BCE.”

It seems, according to archeologists if not biblical scholars, that during the ‘Biblical period’ from 1200~300 BC  the Jewish religion developed  from among  populations of local tribes in the

For the last 200 years of that period the Persians controlled the
area – 500~300 BC.

The Greeks took over in 333 BC and the Romans from them in ~60 BC.
Romans and post-Roman Byzantine rule existed until ~640 AD.

Ottoman Turks took over until 1917 when the British and French took over and divided up the
area along with the rest of the middle east following WWI.

All the while, Jews lived in Palestine among other local tribes.

My question is, does the fact that Jews existed among the other tribes in
this area for  the past 3000 years give them the right to claim the area solely
as their own over the claims of the other occupants of the area, all of whom
have lived there continuously.

Whether  you believe the findings of archaeologists or biblical
scholars, many  nations have controlled Palestine over the past 3000
years.   Actual Jewish control of the area existed for a relatively
short period.

To me this gives  Israelis  a right (as much as anyone) to live
‘among’  but not ‘instead of’  local populations of local citizens.

For more than 50 years, the world has been held hostage by the
inability of those involved to administer Palestine in a manner fair to

Such fair administration would do much to diffuse tensions in the
middle east, without which more blood will flow.

Walls and checkpoints haven’t worked.  Bombings and terrorism don’t
work.   Recognition of rights of one sect over those of another in the
absence of fairness has never worked and has resulted in bloodshed and
ethnic cleansing.

U.S. support of Israel over the Palestinians has served to deepen the
schism between the two states and other Arab factions in the Middle East
and has lessened the chance for reasonable accord.

Polls show over 70% of American voters prefer the U.S. not
intervene in Arab/Israeli issues.

It’s time to put away ‘force of arms’ as the method to finally settle
disputes, and bring all cards to the table to develop a policy that
rational parties can accept as fair.   To me, this is a single state
solution but whatever works for the people involved.

The Greenbacker