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EAT SHOE, BUSH, 12-17-08

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Under the circumstances, the guy was a surprisingly good shot.

From what I read, shoes are commonly applied to things hated in Middle Eastern countries.

Had he been closer Bush would have been toast!

Bush was very quick as well, with his dodge, a response undoubtedly developed during his years in politics.

A little advise to Bush and the rest of his ilk:
It’s almost over.   Then you may retire to the klavern of your choice and the anonymity you deserve.
Look at Cheney.  He has long known the folly of public appearances!   Not a peep for months.
Follow his example.

Hopefully, we won’t have to hear from any of you again until your trials.

BTW.   What ever caused you to make a public appearance in Iraq?  Exactly what did you expect from those people?
Do you believe they appreciate our presence in Iraq?
Do you suppose they approve of the 6M – 8M of their people refugeed and the 1M or so killed.
Do you think they like their resources ripped off and their government destabilized?
Are they pleased with the destruction of their infrastructure and the humiliation of their people?
Of course the shoe-guy was beaten by the police, but the internet describes him as a hero among his people.
Do you suppose you are a hero among your people?

The Greenbacker

CAR MAKERS, 12-6-08

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

These guys are clowns.

They would be funny if this weren’t such a serious matter.
The auto industry controls 250,000 jobs.  These are some of the highest paying jobs in industry enabling the families to send their kids to college and own their own homes.

A constant whine has issued from the highest levels of administration in the auto industry regarding their costs of labor.
But there has never been a whine regarding their own bloated pay checks even as their policies drove their companies into the ground;

Ford CEO – Alan Mulallay – $28M – $39M/yr
GM  CEO – G.R.Wagoner –  $14M/yr
Chrysler CEO – Rbt. Nardelli – refused to detail his pay package (I spent some time looking…) but his        severance pay from Home Depot was $210M
Toyota CEO – Not publicly disclosed but thought to be under $1M in 2005 , only 11 times the average pay of  a Japanese worker.

To allow the industry to go bankrupt would be a devastating blow to the economy at this time as well as to to those households that would lose their jobs and their incomes.

Over 500,000 jobs were lost in November across the country and ~ 250,000 more would go were the car companies to fail.

The industry is aware of this and knows it has a bailout in the bag!
‘Too big to fail’  suggests that the largest companies can do as they please and their faulty policies will be supported by taxpayers.
Privatize the profits and socialize the losses.

Perhaps taxpayers, in self defense, should recognize that the largest companies can be dangerous to the country’s economic stability simply by virtue of their size, and require more regulation and taxation as they increase in size.

And perhaps mergers and acquisitions should be more closely watched and regulated as companies gobble up their competition.

I’ll point out once again, that in the 50’s and into the 60’s, corporations provided around 30% of federal revenues. Today that figure has dropped to between 6% – 8%.
We taxpayers pay the balance.   And now we are saddled with enormous costs of bailing out the failed policies of inept administrators.

The bailout is presently ~ $4.5T and going to over $7T according to some economists.

The Greenbacker