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PPAC, 2-26-2010

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Regarding the PPAC

The current Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act   (PPAC) does not have a public option, it does not allow negotiation of drug costs, it mandates the uninsured take out a policy they may not be able to afford and provides a fine should they not do so.    Insurance companies have never had mandated policies and they have been able to profit quite well without that ruling.

A quarter of the Senate signed onto The Bennet bill promoting inclusion of the public option through reconciliation.  I have not read this bill and do not know if it treats the other aforementioned items but Health care reform is not real reform without them and reconciliation is the way to get them.

I, myself, am in favor of simply extending Medicare for all.   The infrastructure is in place and it works.  Failing there, the PPAC WITH a public option, drug negotiation, and without the mandate would be real change, not a gift to the insurance racket.

We signed on to ‘Real change’ when we elected a majority of Democrats to Congress and the PPAC as it exists is not that.   It is another gift to rascals.

In state after state, the current Senate bill without a public option only has about 30% approval while the public option has about 60% approval.

Since the Senate passed its bill in December, Democrats have lost their 60-vote majority.  Over 100 House Democrats signed onto a drive similar to Bennet’s, calling for reconciliation to include provisions reestablishing the public option.

Voters are really, REALLY unhappy with what the super majority Democratic Congress has been unable to do against a fractured Republican super minority, and things are likely to change drastically come November.

The Greenbacker