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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The White House has backed Blanche Lincoln for God knows whatever reason.

Following that announcement, the AFL/CIO jumped in and backed Halter w/ $4M.  The word is, Moveon has raised its goal amount of $1M, so it looks as if Halter is flush w/ funding and may stand a good chance of unseating Lincoln.

It is necessary to send  messages to legislators, Dems and Repubs alike, that they are vulnerable and can be replaced by grassroots efforts if they choose to stall important legislation in return for campaign payoffs.
This is something I donate to and I urge you to consider taking similar action. Progressives like Boxer in CA, Alan Grayson in FL, Bennet in CO and others can use our help. One way we can start to exact control over our legislators  is by denying  funding from special interests by funding them ourselves.

If progressives expect real reform, we must expect to accept the costs of enabling a progressive movement.
The right wing can sit back and let special interests pay to play  as maintaining the status quo will profit them greatly. They are happy to do this.

Progressives cannot do that.   There is no dollar profit in progressive action.

All we can expect to accomplish is possibly to, over the next many years, cool the planet, preserve the environment , save a few whales and polar bears and possibly relieve world poverty and point at world peace as an approachable goal.

These are not profitable items. Progressive solutions to these issues will not bring dollars to the pockets of the powerful nor to ours and so will become points of great contention.

If we want sustainable solutions to critical issues  for ourselves and our children we must fight and we must pay.
From now on.
Otherwise, we’re lunch.   And worse, our kids are supper.
We know this to be true.
We must inform ourselves on critical issues , take an active part in real solutions and ‘pay to play’.  As progressives there is no other way.   If we don’t, our kids will cross much greater thresholds, some of which may have no satisfactory solution.

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