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Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Stumbled upon this.

Can’t believe the response

Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence

6:00 am May 26, 2010, by Bob Barr of the Barr Code

Thousands of census workers, including many temporary employees, are fanning out across America to gather information on the citizenry.  This is a process that takes place not only every decade in order to complete the constitutionally-mandated census; but also as part of the continuing “American Community Survey” conducted by the Census Bureau on a regular basis year in and year out.

What many Americans don’t realize, is that census workers — from the head of the Bureau and the Secretary of Commerce (its parent agency) down to the lowliest and newest Census employee — are empowered under federal law to actually demand access to any apartment or any other type of home or room that is rented out, in order to count persons in the abode and for “the collection of statistics.”  If the landlord of such apartment or other  leased premises refuses to grant the government worker access to your living quarters, whether you are present or not, the landlord can be fined $500.00.

That’s right — not only can citizens be fined if they fail to answer the increasingly intrusive questions asked of them by the federal government under the guise of simply counting the number of people in the country; but a landlord must give them access to your apartment whether you’re there or not, in order to gather whatever “statistics” the law permits.

In fact, some census workers apparently are going even further and demanding — and receiving — private cell phone numbers from landlords in order to call tenants and obtain information from them.  Isn’t it great to live in a “free” country?

More anti-census crap!

Come on, Barr.  You’ve gotta get out more often.

According to the census Bureau, about 72% of census forms have been filled out and mailed back as of ~ May.

Which means ~ 25% of census forms have not!   BTW, The numbers are about the same as last year.

No one is ever fined and there are no plans to do so.

They’re not coming to get us.  I mean, what could be done with 8MM seething illiterates if they did?

Perhaps ‘pry the guns from their cold, dead hands’?

Conspiracy stuff.   Designed by the unhinged to appeal to the hysterical.

This is what happens when education is de-funded.

This is what happens when the Texas Board of Education re-manufactures history according to its own kinked gospel.

Read some of these responses.

They are strong statements for re-prioritizing educational funding.

It’s not in the interests of officials to whip up ire in twitchy illiterates.  That’s when shrapnel happens.

Let them remain unrepresented, for all I care.

Unfortunately, it’s apocryphal convictions such as these that keep this country in shambles.

Unthinking, uncaring, unaware, but vocal!

Witness teabaggers, skinheads in camo jumpsuits, hooded apocalypts…

Lordy!  It gets the blood just a-boilin’ in this old crank…..

Wait!   ‘gotta reload the old blunderbuss.  Lemmie see now,  dump in a sack of roofing nails , some     nuts and bolts, then a tub of black powder.    Hmmmm Did I do this in the right order??

No problem – what ever it takes to get them pinko socialists….

(Mind blowing!  Really!)

Census information helps the government (that’s us!) determine proportional representation in Congress.

That’s what the census is all about.   It’s important if you care about the country.   Otherwise, go hide in your trailers and shoot down your own ghosts.

It’s  a simple innocuous form w/ about a dozen questions. Constitutionally mandated – Article I, Sxn 3.

The Constitution of our country?  Remember?  It’s what keeps us free.

Fill out the form and send it in.

Here’s a comment from a  Barr Code reader

The relevant language is at Title 13, Chapter 7, Subchapter II, § 223 of the US Code. The section prevents the owner or manger of “any hotel, apartment house, boarding or lodging house, tenement, or other building” from refusing to provide a list of the buildings occupants or providing access to “such premises”. This means a building’s owner or manger cannot refuse to let a census worker into or out of the building and cannot refuse to provide a list of occupants for the purpose of the census count. The penalty for refusal is $500. No where in the section does it authorize entry into individual apartments, lodgings, or “living quarters”.   Highlighting my own

The relevant code section is found at:—-000-.html

And another:

I am one of the goons. I am 64 years old, a short lady with gray hair which I dye when I get time, 5 children and 21 grandchildren. I also have arthritis, which really doesn’t work well for a goon. I am an enumerator. I don’t ask people how many bathrooms they have. Gee, where do people dig up nonsensical things? 10 or 20 years ago (I can’t remember, my memory is failing) if was a question. It makes for interesting statistics, though. I have been trained not to enter anyone’s homes in the absence of an adult who resides in the home. Hold all your dogs, folks. We goons are scared of dogs. We don’t work for Obama or any particular elected representative. We are Americans who are following the Constitution of this country, which calls for the census to take place every 10 years. Our Constitution is being battered daily and you are helping it by spreading nonsense . Be nice when a census worker comes by and give the poor goon a break.

And another:

Well, I’ve been working with the census this year and this is clearly false.

Maybe there is some high up rule giving census workers this ability, but it is NOT one I was trained to do. As a last resort I go to the landlord and they tell me how many people’s name is on the lease or listed as residents there. That’s it. Never have I been told to ever enter any residence.

Oh yes.   Here’s one more Barr Coder for you  (There are pages of comments and dozens like this one!   Tremble!):

‘if they have the balls & spine to enter my house where my 120-lb police-trained German Shepherd lives – then enter at your own risk. We are locked and loaded for these ACORN thugs! There are over a dozen reports around the US of the Census hiring pedophiles, convicted rapists, and illegals who are forcing their way into homes and raping women in the home.

The 2nd Amendment applies before the 4th — if you enter my home, without my permission – good luck! I would especially love it if you do work for ACORN, SEIU, the black panthers, or the other thug groups OPovertyPimpDaddy pays!’

And another,  (this one may not vote…   hmmm…Why do I say that?).   Not making this up.

COme thru my door thinking im ther an they would be dead with a bullet in thier head

And one last comment – I’d really like to know what this person says.

موقع موريتاني ثقافي متنوع يقدم ثقافة بلاد شنقيط بأسلوب عصري مع جديد التقنيات ومتابعة آخر الأخبار

الوطنية والدولية مع مناقشات ثقافية وإبداعات فنية متنوعة

منتديات الوطن الموريتانية

Notice (as seen in the ‘Classified’s’):

Help wanted:   Census Taker:  To interview survivalist groups in backwoods of Northern Idaho and deep south. Possibly (very) short term employment. Must be able to outrun a bullet.

Seems to me as if ~ 25% of America is lying in wait  for their own spooks to come get ’em…..

The Greenbacker


Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

I don’t write on the issue of immigration.  Just don’t know what to say.

This post is in response to a chain letter received and forwarded on to me by a concerned friend.  Mostly photos and captions that tell the tail.

It is estimated over 5,000 discarded backpacks are in this wash.  Countless water containers, food wrappers, clothing, feces, including thousands of soiled baby diapers. And as you can see in this picture, fresh footprints leading right into it.

I agree.  It’s an awful pictorial.

Why are these people coming here?
I thought NAFTA was supposed to help Mexico provide it’s citizens w/ good jobs.   Help them feed their families and stay in their own country.
Instead, those phantom NAFTA dollars never made it into their hands.  NAFTA has been little more than a dismal failure for the Mexican people, and it certainly hasn’t done much for our own mainstream labor force.

We do provide  guns though.  Lots of guns that end up in the hands of the Mexican drug lords who kill the citizenry and the Mexican enforcement officials – more than 26,000 Mexican citizens since 2006.
In addition, we provide a huge market for the illegal drugs that they send cross border to the states.
That is why President Calderone was in the States talking w/ Obama last week.  That’s the issue he was addressing: asking Obama to halt gun sales across the border.

Trade with Mexico has dropped off with the international financial crisis, to the point Mexico is unable to pay its IMF loans without taking out further loans.    A web of debt.
They are on the edge of default.
Due to this, austerity policies are being forced on the Mexican people  much as is happening in the PIIIGS countries, you know, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Italy Greece, Spain.
Mexican people can’t afford more austerity.   So they come up here for work to feed their families.  They do  the hardest, lowest paid work. And they drag the illegal drugs along with them to feed our drug market.
What would you do if your kids were hungry?

Soiled baby diapers!  Can you imagine bringing a baby in diapers into a hostile situation like this?   These are desperate people that have no alternative and whose options have been constrained to a large degree by US policies that serve special interests.  This will not be fixed with border patrols and fences.

I’m not saying the devastated trash filled arroyos in Arizona are OK .   I’m saying ‘what goes around, comes around.’  The US can’t develop policies according to the wishes of special interests, then turn a blind eye to ancillary effects of those one sided policies.  A real immigration policy will consider all the features that turn a country’s citizens into refugees and make a diaspora of the US.   Failing there has ramifications of its own that are not nice.  Witness the Arizona arroyos that are testament to suffering on both sides of the border.

A Real immigration policy will treat real ills that plague both the US and Mexico and not simply benefit special interests.

Such a policy may involve forgiving Mexico’s IMF loans   (too bad, central bankers),  halting export of weapons to Mexico  (too bad, US armaments manufacturers), and legalizing drugs (too bad, CIA et al.).

It’s these special interests that are holding the US and Mexico hostage.
Treat these problems and these people will be able to support their families at home.

The Greenbacker

PIIGS FLY, 5-21-2010

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Very interesting perspective by this author.

I don’t know if Liberty Radio’s Bob Chapman is a Libertarian writer or not, probably is as Liberty Radio is a Libertarian site, but his is a reasonable perspective.

Dow Drop Likely Caused By Intentional Liquidity Cutoff

By: Bob Chapman

Featured Liberty News Radio Columnist

A bleak second half for stocks, Terrible cuts for California, a set of justice in the form of liquidity controls, November elections are coming, please remember, no stability in world markets, 43.9 trillion in derivatives positions of US commercial banks and trusts…

The initial official excuse for such a perceptions drop in the Dow was a wrong keystroke, which is ludicrous.

Then there is the almost total control by Goldman Sachs of the market and control via the Supplementary Liquidity Provider. All they have to do is cut off liquidity and the market plunges. Thus, there is no question in our minds that Goldman attacked the market and took it down to let House and Senate members know that they can make the market do whatever they please with the full cooperation of the SEC and CFTC, this convinced lawmakers that the Illuminist threat was very real. There would be no breakup of too big to fail banks and no real audit of the Fed. The public would be thrown a bone. This is a good reason why program trading has to end and why derivatives have to be abolished. This is all a reflection of two sets of justice. One for the elitists and one for us. This also shows us that crime pays. It also proves our country is under the financial control of terrorists. This power has to be taken away from these criminals. The legal way to do that is by throwing most all of Congress and the Senate out of office. Then we will have a chance to save our country. Otherwise you will see this all move into the streets.

Question:   Why should the PIGS   (Note: it’s PIIGS – Portugal,  Ireland, Italy,Greece, Spain) agree to indenture themselves for $Trillions to the IMF Central bankers, the very ones that brought them into this financial catastrophe.

Why should These countries agree to severe austerity measures in order to pay the criminal ECB bankers?
In order to remain in the EU?
Bullshit!  These countries can go back to their respective currencies and let the EURO founder on its own.
It’s the leaders of these countries, not the populace, that are calling for IMF austerity measures.

And it’s my (IMHO) guess the populace will hoist many heads on many petards should these austerity measures be enacted by the their leaders.
And we will indeed see if  PIIGS can fly.

PIIGS default.
EU and EURO more than just shaken.
Financial, economic catastrophe felt thruout world – much loss, much suffering.
ECB’s nationalized.
Many heads adorn many petards.
Many bankers put to work making many license plates in prisons , under less than pleasant conditions.

The Greenbacker

YOU GOT ME! 5-17-2010

Monday, May 17th, 2010

You got me!   One of your own people.    LOL

Shell halts Nigerian offshore drilling in visionary new remediation plan


The Hague – In advance of the 18 May Shell Annual General Meeting (AGM), Royal Dutch Shell and its joint-venture Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) are announcing sweeping plans to clean up all areas of the Niger Delta where they operate, compensate local communities for past injuries, and institute a local stakeholders program that will contribute to lifting the region out of poverty.

The Comprehensive Shell Remediation Plan for the Niger Delta (CSR-ND) has been steadily developing behind closed doors since Shell CEO Peter Voser took the helm last year, but was fast-tracked in response to public pressure to include an immediate cessation of deep-water drilling in the Niger Delta.

“Shell is proud to be the first international petrochemical company to embark on a rehabilitation and compensation program of any significant scale,” said Shell spokesperson Bernadette Hopma. “The Gulf of Mexico gush has made CSR-ND especially timely.”

“By anticipating and proactively sidestepping the inevitable storm of company-unfriendly rule-changes that follow on major environmental and human calamities of a certain variety, we are building our company’s ongoing resilience well into the future,” said CEO Voser in yesterday’s lunchtime pre-AGM address to top management of Royal Dutch Shell.

After noting that Shell is the largest oil producer in the Niger Delta, which is Africa’s equivalent of the Mississippi River Delta—the largest wetland in Africa, and the third-largest drainage area on the continent—Voser outlined the company’s rationale for the move.

“Despite our company’s measured ongoing efforts to operate within a potential international rule-book as we deliver shareholder value, we have not always done very well. Every year since 1969, oil operations in the Niger Delta have spilled as much oil as the 1989 Exxon Valdez. Neither the Delta itself, nor the prospective legal environment, can tolerate that sort of stress. To avoid serious consequences for Shell’s viability, we must react proactively to past, present and potential future threats to people, the environment, and the future of the global community.”

Last year, Nigeria had 2,000 active spills.
These were certainly not all due to Shell’s operations, but the amount of oil released into the wetlands has been steadily on the rise with production increases by a number of companies.

“Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico demand change,” said Shell spokesperson Bernadette Hopma. “The expected hurricane of regulation and policy change across industry, resulting from the negligent practices by one pair of companies especially, means that all of us need to try to push harder in the interests of long-term survival. Shell will therefore distinguish ourselves by being the first oil company in history to cease taking risks with important delta ecosystems. The unique geology underlying these deltas have sustained our shareholders very well, but we must not let that kind of sustainability come at the the expense of the biodiversity, carbon absorption and O2 production that are their true worth.”
Highlights of the Shell and SPDC CSR-ND Plan include:

* The immediate cessation of deepwater drilling off the coast of Nigeria until the conclusion of a full independent safety review by our local government partners with international oversight.
* The immediate cessation of gas flaring, with all open flares converted by 2012 into energy sources for tariffless local consumption.
* An investment of $8 billion by 2012 followed by $1 billion per annum for 10 years to attempt partial environmental restoration of the Niger Delta. The work force carrying out this mission will be 97% locally sourced and trained.
* A $45 million “truth and reconciliation process” fund to assess and award reparations for perceived injustices since 1958, when Shell first started commercially exporting oil from the region.
* The est ablishment of a $4 billion fund earmarked for compensation for perceived injustices.
* The establishment of a local stakeholder program that gives decision-making and veto capacity over new and ongoing projects to communities affected by Shell and SPDC projects worldwide, pending more formal control at the level of local government.
* A commitment to cap oil production at current levels until 2015, and then to gradually reduce production to 10 percent of current levels by 2050, while compensating for this reduction through the development of renewable energy sources.

“At long last the words ‘stakeholder’ and ‘sustainable’ will actually mean something,” said CEO Voser. “CSR-ND means planning not just for short-term profits, but for what actually matters, including the viability of the planet itself.”

Can’t believe what I’m reading!

Spilled my coffee in my lap.   OUCH!

Picked my jaw up off the floor.

Monday AM, First email in the box…..Is this the Yes Men?   God love ’em.
No.  maybe not.  It appears to be the real thing.
I went to *their site*.   Wrote Bernadette Hopma, media rep. – no response yet.

What if?   A major oil company, Royal Dutch Shell, acting responsibly?   Naaaah!  Can’t be.

But yes.  They  occupy the same planet as do the rest of us, and are finally looking at something besides their bottom line……

Wait!   This is an oil company, an energy company.   A snake!    ‘Gotta be BS! We all watched the spectacle in Congress last week of Halliburton, BP, and Transocean pointing fingers at each other.  No sign of life there.    According to the release, this is coming from the new CEO of RDS, Peter Voser.

What if it were the real thing?  What if corporations started acting beyond the bottom line.  What  if this were a real, bonafide first step to ceasing brutal extraction  of limited natural resources?  Now, that would be grounds for a Nobel Peace Prize.  My eternal cynic says   “What if fish could fly?”

As of mid day Monday, May 17, 2010.  Not a peep nor comment from any other source than this release.  Don’t have a tube so can’t check there….  Gotta be bogus……   (Drumming fingers, watching spider web under construction….   19th cup of coffee..)

Oh wait!  I just signed up for the YES LAB.  Shit!   Forgot.  Maybe it’s not them!  Maybe fish can fly……

I wrote all subscribers of my newsletter,  newswires, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Bernadette Hopma (RDS Rep.).    Really!   Offered RDS a Nobel……….

Sure enough.  Sadly, Wednesday, May 19, Royal Dutch Shell, all a-flutter denounced this as a hack by an African group, The Nigerian Justice League,  in conjunction with the YES MEN and Amnesty International.

Shell Flummoxed by Fakers

Company flummoxes back; activist group takes responsibility

The Hague – Hours before Shell’s annual general shareholder meeting on Tuesday, and not long after BP’s oil rig catastrophe, millions of people around the world received press releases announcing that Shell would implement a “comprehensive remediation plan” for the oil-soaked Niger Delta. The plan included an immediate halt to dangerous offshore drilling, the end of health-damaging gas flaring, and reparations for the human damage caused over the decades of Shell’s involvement.

The “good news” was fiction, created by an ad-hoc activist group called the Nigerian Justice League to generate pressure on Shell to withdraw from, and remediate, the Niger Delta. According to the activists, Shell’s operations in the Delta have helped transform that area into the world’s most polluted ecosystem, which has in turn resulted in a human rights catastrophe.

(The NJL developed the project as part of the Yes Lab (, a workshop run by a group called “the Yes Men” to share their experiences and facilitate the projects of others. The Yes Lab is in the midst of a fundraising drive.)

“Shell, Chevron, and the others are perpetrating a massive, life-threatening hoax by claiming that they can’t quickly stop their gas flaring, reduce their oil spills, and clean up their mess in the Niger Delta,” said Chris Francis of the Nigerian Justice League. “Our press release revealed the truth: that there is a decent way forward, instead of the continual deceit we get from them.”

Shell’s public relations staff quickly and energetically moved to contain the fallout from the fake release. On Tuesday, Shell attempted to eliminate the Justice League’s spoof Shell website by complaining that it was a “phishing scheme” to the upstream internet service provider. Shell then sent a threatening legal letter to the Danish internet provider hosting the site.

In a related story, the Financial Times (a blog of which, incidentally, was duped by the fake release) refused to run a hard-hitting advertisement, created and paid for by Amnesty International, that called for action against Shell for its Niger Delta legacy. Like the fake release, the ad was timed to coincide with Shell’s May 18 AGM.

“For now, Shell’s legal threats are bearing ripe fruit,” said Esmée de la Parra of the Nigerian Justice League. “But they can’t keep blustering their way to destruction forever. Eventually, people will have had enough. For the sake of the planet, let’s hope ‘eventually’ is very soon.”

Curse you, Yes Men!!! (Not really.   Love Ya!  :))))))

Briefly, it was a great day.

Doncha’ just love it when bad guys get to face themselves in international media!

The Greenbacker